Wheelchair Costume Ideas For Halloween and other occasions

Pirate In a Ship! (2011)

In order to create this, we needed the following:

  1. A sheet of plywood for the top of the boat
  2. A sheet of plywood for the main rib of the curved front of the the boat
  3. Some strips of wood to form the frame of the boat (i.e. 1 x 3 pieces of wood)
  4. Some pieces of vinyl siding to the form the planking of the boat’s hull
  5. Paint
  6. Screws/fasteners/glue

Here are the steps we followed to create the ship:

  1. Cut a piece of plywood to form the top of the ship, making sure it overhangs the wheelchair, cutting out a place for the person to sit
  2. Cut a piece of plywood that forms the curved front of the ship that will be fastened to the top of the ship as well as fit between the person’s legs in the wheelchair
  3. Fasten the second piece of wood to the first piece of wood using screws
  4. Test fit this assembly on the wheelchair with the person sitting in the wheelchair and make sure it fits OK
  5. Cut several strips of wood and fasten them along the perimiter of the boat to form the boat skeleton
  6. Run strips of vinyl siding, starting from the front of the boat to the ends of the side of the boat, fastening the siding to the strips of wood using screws